Waharaka Hela Osu

Waharaka Fever Syrup

(වහරක උණ පැණිය)

Recognized by the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Department as A cure all remedy for any kinds of Fever, the Waharaka Fever Syrup is also a proven cure for the COVID 19 virus and was used by hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans both locally and overseas with many positive benefits. This 100% Natural product contains no harmful ingredients and eliminates disease at the origin and brings quick relief in a few quick doses. It is also firmly believed that this syrup will be a guaranteed remedy for any other viral pandemic that may affect mankind in the future.   


Prana Vardana Oil

(ප්‍රාණ වර්ධන තෛලය)

A reinvigorating remedy for any form of pain, mild or severe, this oil cures reduces pain arising from bumps and swelling, reinvigorates blood vessels and cures heart weakness. This special blend of Prana Jeewa Leaves, Cinnamon, Musk, and Coconut, Mustard, Mee, Gingelly, Margosa, and Castor oils also reinvigorates the heart of terminally ill patients with impaired heart beats.   

Sandunika Hair Oil

(සඳුනිකා හෙයා ඔයිල්)

Formulated to treat all hair and scalp related ailments, this hair oil is 100% natural and entirely plant based.

Waharaka Varicose Veins

(නහර ගැට සමන තෙල)

Made from 100% all natural Ethana, Belatana, Arecanut Leaves, Beli fruit leaves, and Sesame Oil, this clinically tested and proven oil is guaranteed to alleviate varicose veins in hands and legs.

Waharaka Catarrh Powder

(වහරක පීනස් කුඩ)

A guaranteed remedy for all catarrh related ailments, asthma, grinding of teeth, Nuraliga, and Long term cough.

Waharaka Insect Repellent Aromatic Vapour

(කෘමි විකර්ෂක සුවඳ ධූපය)

A uniquely aromatic insect repellent vapour, this 100% natural vapour is guaranteed to be completely harmless to the human body while providing 36 hour protection from all house hold insects including mosquitos, flies, and ants.

Waharaka Initial Medicine

(වහරක මුල් ඔසුව)

A unique blend of 3 herbal medicines, the Waharaka initial medicine has been specially formulated to cure and protect against intestinal illnesses and glandular fats and other harmful deposits and is guaranteed to revitalise, rejuvenate, and immunize the excretory system.

Waharaka Ajeerna Samana Peyawa (

(වහරක අජීර්ණ සමන පෙයාව)

This unique tea has been formulated based on a tried and tested indigestion relieving formula is guaranteed to provide fast relief from indigestion.

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