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Today Waharaka Hela Osu operates a network of 9 indigenous medical centers island wide. Each Waharaka Hela Osu Veda Medura is operated by a team of trained, experienced medical professionals and is fully equipped to dispense the full range of Waharaka Hela Osu medications, all of which are made using 100% natural indigenous herbs blended to precise prescriptions can be administered as food supplements rather than medicines and are guaranteed to be without side effects.   

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Waharaka Fever Syrup

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Waharaka Fever Syrup

Waharaka Fever Syrup

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Founder's message

Since 2013, the Waharaka methodology, under the watchful gaze of the most Ven. Hon. Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Maha Thero, had steadily cultivated its reputation as a pioneer on the forefront of the resurgence of Hela Wedakama (Indigenous medicines) in Sri Lanka.

In 2020, with the aim of bringing a technologically updated Hela Wedakama  to the masses, the three initial members of Waharaka Hela Osu, all of whom were trained and mentored by the most Ven. Waharaka Thero, incorporated the company, offering indigenous treatments for a wide range of ailments both chronic and acute, specially formulated according to the prescriptions of the most Ven. Hon. Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Maha Thero.

Specialty of wahraka Hela Osu?

The Indigenous Medicine of Sri Lanka or “Hela Wedakama” as it is known is Sri Lanka’s unique centuries old heritage of a series of ancient indigenous medical practices passed down from one generation to the next. While Some ancient cities of Sri Lanka including Polonnaruwa, Medirigiriya, Anuradhapura and Mihinthale still hold the ruins of what may well be the first hospitals in the world, Sri Lanka lays proud claim to the fact that it is the first country in the world to have pioneered the establishment of systematic hospitals solely based on Hela Wedakama.

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